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Offering Smart Pallets Worldwide

Applied Distribution Resources (ADR) is proud to offer environmentally friendly pallets, made from 100% recycled material. Through ADR's Smart Pallet Service, you can lease the highest-quality pallets on the market today. We have the only seven-year lease program available, and we offer our recycled pallets worldwide.


ADR Smart Pallets

ADR is proud to feature Smart Pallets, a new and innovative product that defies all that came before. Our Smart Pallets exceed federal requirements for recycled content (at 100%), feature RFID-compliant tags, and even lend themselves perfectly to troop support applications. ADR's network of manufacturing subcontractors allows us to meet your requirements globally.


Replace your old hardwood or steel pallets with ADR's Smart Pallets! We offer the only true four-way entry, 48" by 40" by 4" pallet with a 6,000 pound rackable load (for ASTM safety standards, we recommend 3,000 pounds as the maximum rackable load). Our Smart Pallets are guaranteed to last for at least seven years, so you don't need to replace them near as often as the standard pallet! Compare our product's technical data, and find out why the Smart Pallet is the right choice for you and your business.