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An Eco-Friendly Pallet Supplier

Applied Distribution Resources (ADR) is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly pallets as alternatives to the traditional wood or steel pallets commonly used. Our pallets are guaranteed to be superior in every way. Give us a call today to see how we can serve you! We offer our products globally.

Thinking of the Environment

According to the Southern Illinois University Department of Forestry, wood pallets are the largest consumer of our global rain forests. We now have less than 40% of our rain forests left after just 50 years, resulting in the degradation of the Earth's natural filter. As more and more companies utilize wood products every day, we believe in fighting back. We offer 100% recycled, nonflammable pallets.

Our Earth-Friendly Process

ADR uses recycled post-consumer carpet--acquired from Carpet Recycling Resources—made from nylon 6 or nylon 66. After being specifically compounded is used in the construction of our eco-friendly and nonflammable Smart Pallets.